In Memoriam

11 of Our Brothers No Longer With Us

Joseph E. Candeas
SGT / US Army
KIA August 25, 1966

John M. Glasser
KIA September 15, 1966

George R. Weaver Jr.
ENS2 / IS Navy
KIA November 1, 1966

Frank J. Gallant
KIA June 1, 1967

James H. Shotwell
CPT / US Army
KIA May 25, 1968

Richard W. Hellard Jr.
KIA August 4, 1968

Alfred J. Small
SGT / US Army
KIA November 24, 1968

Roger H. Strout
1st LT / USAF
KIA December 17, 1968

Donald A. Contarino
CPL / US Army
KIA August 14, 1969

Brian A. Hubis
1st LT / US Army
KIA August 27, 1969

Last But Certainly Not Least…

Stephen H. Doane
1st LT / US Army
KIA March 25, 1969
He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor – our highest military award

The Beverly Vietnam Veterans Post #1 added 1st LT Stephen H Doane MOH Chapter to our name.

The New Vietnam Memorial was Dedicated to the 11 names listed here on November 11, 2018 at the Beverly Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza

BVV Memorial at Beverly Hospital