The Beverly Vietnam Veterans group is dedicated to American Veterans who are living and deceased. Our mission is to ensure these brave men and women will never be forgotten and we will continue to commemorate their heroism every day through the BVV and our community.

We encourage Beverly and North Shore community members to join us as a member or support the BVV and local veterans.

The BVV is open to all Military Veterans, not just Vietnam Veterans. You can join the BVV and attend the monthly meetings and events to support your military brothers and sisters.

You can also support the BVV with donations and attendance at fundraisers and events. All support is welcome.

Offering scholarships for local students, fundraising events, support and resources for veterans, and so much more, Beverly Vietnam Veterans will ensure that our brave military veterans, living and deceased, will never be forgotten.



The BVV was created in memory of 1st Lt. Stephen Doane, 5th Infantry, 25th infantry division, Army of the United States. First Lieutenant Doane was born in Beverly, MA on October 13th, 1947 and died on March 25th 1969.

His valor and performance of his duties merited award of the Medal of Honor (posthumously), the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, two Army Commendation Medals, and two Purple Hearts.

We will never forget.